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How The Colors of 2021 Translate to Jewelry, and Where To Buy Designer Engagement Rings

by Anne Reyes,


From the natural, socio-political, and economical disasters 2020 has brought us, it is clear as day why many of us have looked forward to the start of 2021. To help us get into fresher and better mindsets, the decision on this new year’s colors aims to give us equal measures of grounding and optimism for what lies ahead.

The Two Colors of 2021


The Two Colors of 2021

This year, The Pantone Color Institute has selected not one but TWO new yet contrasting colors, Pantone 17-5104 (or Ultimate Gray) and Pantone 13-0647 (or Illuminating), that are expected to influence the design fashion industries in 2021.

The executive director of Pantone Color Institute, Leatrice Eiseman, had this to say to bring clarity behind their reasoning for this unique color pairing:

“The union of an enduring Ultimate Grey with the vibrant yellow Illuminating expresses a message of positivity supported by fortitude. Practical and rock-solid but at the same time warming and optimistic, this is a color combination that gives us resilience and hope. We need to feel encouraged and uplifted; this is essential to the human spirit.”

Beyond looking at global trends, this decision primarily stems from the utter state of chaos 2020 has left us in. These two colors are definitely something we can all relate to and, hopefully, draw inspiration from as we navigate into a brand new year.

Hollywood celebrities have already jumped on the bandwagon at multiple events last year and stunned the world in their red carpet yellow and gray dresses. We are still gushing over the Illuminating ensembles of Cate Blanchett, Jodie Turner-Smith, Sienna Miller, Mindy Kaling, and Zoey Deutch. And who can ever forget how Ariana Grande, Thandie Newton, Lucy Boynton, Janelle Monáe, and Kate Beckinsale rocked their outfits in Ultimate Gray.

But how do these two independent colors translate to jewelry?

Gray and Yellow in Gemstones


Gray and Yellow in Gemstones

On the jewelry front, the Illuminating often reminds us of lemon quartz or yellow diamonds while the Ultimate Gray is usually of tungsten wedding bands. But the world of jewelry and of gemstones, in particular, is more than just pretty colors to go with one’s outfit. Each gemstone contains a deeper significance behind its hue and shine.

  • Gray Gemstones

    • Do not be fooled by its seemingly lackluster appearance at first glance. Gray gemstones are much rarer than most people realize, and it is quite difficult to find one that exemplifies the correct contrasts and shades. The color represents security and a willingness to comply - qualities that make for suitable wedding bands as it draws healing energy to improve stability in relationships.

    • Some experts also say that wearers of gray display feelings of detachment, isolation, and neutrality. Those who have a more mature taste or fancy classic jewelry may find themselves favoring gemstones such as fluorite, tourmaline, spinel.

  • Yellow Gemstones

    • While it is the most common among all gems, yellow gemstones symbolize creativity and intellectual energy. The artists in your life or those who remind you of brilliant sunshine may take particular interest in this gem color.
    • These gems include sapphire, citrine, fire opal, tourmaline, sphene, zircon, orthoclase, chrysoberyl, beryl, spodumene, quartz, agate, and diamond.

Where To Buy Designer Engagement Rings Inspired by Celebrities

Where To Buy Designer Engagement Rings Inspired by CelebritiesWhere To Buy Designer Engagement Rings Inspired by Celebrities

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 If you are still in doubt whether to buy high-quality fine jewelry in this year’s colors, why not take inspiration from some of our favorite celebrities? These stars sure know how to carry their jewelry fabulously even before yellow and gray were a trend.  


  • Jennifer Lopez
    • This superstar is no stranger to lavish gifts. When she was giving birth to twins in 2008, her then-husband Marc Anthony presented her with a custom canary-yellow diamond ring (worth $2.8 million) and matching diamond earrings engraved with their children's initials.
    • Casper, her backup-dancer-boo-turned-choreographer-then-ex, also gifted J.Lo with one-of-a-kind vintage pieces on her 44th birthday. These were a ’70s yellow gold and diamond chain link bracelet and a ’40s gold and diamond ring.
  • Heidi Klum
    • The supermodel is a proud owner of this gorgeous 10-carat yellow diamond from her now ex-husband, Seal. It is estimated to be around $150,000.
  • Jessica Alba
  • Paris Hilton
    • While the marriage was called off several months after the proposal, Paris got a dazzling 20-carat pear-cut diamond on a platinum gray band, which is worth an estimated $2 million.
  • Emily Ratajkowski
    • Dinner-turned-proposal had a surprised Emily coming home with a 2-carat princess-cut diamond with a 3-carat pear-shaped diamond on a yellow gold band, estimated to be $50,000.

Your 2021 Statement Piece

Your 2021 Statement Piece

Take charge of this new year with your very own 2021 statement piece. Have a look at these wonderful rings to start with:


  • Sunset ($3,800)
  • This beauty from our Riviera collection reminds us of fiery sunsets. Featuring orange sapphire, orange moonstone, and citrine, the amber and orange gemstones will surely add a touch of warmth and radiance to your whole look.


  • The Eva ($2,800)
  • Secure a love that is everlasting with this classic from our Dolce Vita line. Its striking yellow citrine in an iconic cushion cut will have you and your beloved falling head over heels for this timeless piece.

If you are wondering where to buy designer engagement rings like these stunners, look no further than Heaven-Roc. It is certainly the best online store to buy jewelry in New York. All of our fantastic jewelry will make you (or your partner) feel like the star you are meant to be. Go forward into the new year with the positivity and vibrance only the best jewelry can bring out.







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