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5 Foolproof Ways to Find the Perfect Engagement Ring Without Asking Her

by Anne Reyes,
Perfect Engagement Ring


Getting engaged is not only a big commitment; it’s a significant investment too. The average amount a person spends on an engagement ring is $1,900—not exactly a bag of peanuts! If you’re ready to propose, chances are you’re looking to find the perfect ring without having to ask your significant other directly.


Are you under the pressure of finding the perfect ring that the love of your life will adore without actually asking them what they want? You’re not alone—many lovers before you have found themselves in this same problem. To help, we’ve come up with five foolproof ways to figure out which ring your sweetheart will love without having to ruin the surprise!


1. Get advice from her friends


More often than not, your partner will designate either one of their friends or a family member as their official engagement ring spokesperson. Crowdsource in secret and find out who this person is. Even if your soon-to-be fiance hasn’t specified an exact ring, her friends will undoubtedly have information on what cut, setting, or metal color they prefer. You can even ask them to go ring-shopping with you.




Are you worried about the ring size? Ask one of their friends to casually pop the question about it at their next brunch or the next time they meet. Trust us; they talk about this a lot, so you won’t have to worry about appearing too obvious or blowing your cover.


If you need a tutorial on ring settings, you can find a wealth of resources online


2. Base it on their personal style


What’s your partner like? Are they bohemian who loves colorful scarves and flowy dresses? Perhaps they’re  no-nonsense, minimal, and chic. Or maybe they exude the timeless elegance and charm of Princess Di or Jackie O. Take a look into their wardrobe (or pay attention to what they wear) and create a fashion profile for them.


Unique Engagement Rings


For the free-spirited bohemian, we suggest a one-of-a-kind ring. Heaven-Roc’s Riviera collection features band rings that are whimsical and fun but still elegant. The Riviera rings are made of diamonds and precious stones, such as sapphires, amethysts, and rose quartz, set in 18k rose gold. 


For the classic lover, Heaven-Roc’s Elizabeth ring mimics the iconic style picked by Princess Diana herself. This ring is fit for royalty with its oversized cushion-cut blue topaz surrounded by a double halo of brilliant diamonds.


If your significant other is more of a minimalist who doesn’t like a lot of bling, the marquise-cut Charlotte Ring features a more low-key amethyst quietly flanked by two white topaz stones.


3. Observe what kind of jewelry they already have


Diamond Engagement Rings




If you’re not sure if they prefer white gold over silver or round cut over emerald, take a cue from the existing jewelry collection they already have. 


What metal color do their bracelets and necklaces have? As a rule, individuals with warm skin tones look good in gold, rose gold, copper, and brass jewelry. People with cooler skin tones look good in silver or white gold. How do you know if they have warm or cool undertones? Next time you’re together, romantically grab their hand and look at the color of the veins on the underside of their wrist. If they’re green or pinkish, they have a warm skin tone. If they’re blue or purple, they have a cool undertone. 


For stone shapes and cuts, take a cue from their earrings collection and/or existing rings. Are they primarily round-cut studs? Or do they prefer huge square stones or ovals? You can get a lot of information based on what’s already in their jewelry box.


4. Look at their social media accounts


Take a look at your partner’s Instagram or Facebook accounts. What jewelry brands do they follow? Have they “liked” any photos of rings recently? Maybe they even sent you hints in the form of links to engagement ring websites. 


It might also help to see which celebrities and influencers they take fashion tips from. If, say, they absolutely adore Jennifer Lopez, then Google what type of engagement ring J.Lo has had currently and in the past. If they love Olivia Palermo, they might want something more fashion-forward (Olivia also wears a three-stone ring, but with a unique yellow diamond in the center flanked with two white diamonds on each side). 


Luxury Engagement Rings Brands


For a ring similar to New York socialite Olivia Palermo’s, check out Heaven-Roc’s Eva Ring. This stunning piece features a striking yellow cushion-cut citrine, set in a band pavéd with small, brilliant diamonds.


If your partner has a Pinterest account, even better! Chances are they have already created mood boards for engagement rings and other wedding inspiration.


5. Talk to an Expert


Finally, if you really want to make sure you’re getting the best of the best, talk to an expert. There are master jewelers and gemologists available in jewelry stores. Take advantage of their expertise and ask for their opinion. When you recruit a jewelry expert’s help, it will help if you have all the information from the four tips above. We can absolutely help you select the type of ring you want to give your significant other. Get in touch with us here.


Affordable Gemstone Engagement Rings


Armed with these five foolproof tips, you’ll find the perfect engagement ring for the love of your life in no time. It goes without saying that an engagement ring is one of the most treasured jewelry pieces an individual can own. It’s a symbol of your commitment and everlasting love for each other—and one that can be passed on as an heirloom from generation to generation. So don’t worry, all your hard work will definitely pay off.


Congratulations in advance for not only locking down the perfect ring but the love of your life as well!


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