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Heaven-Roc is the New Chic Addition to Your Luxury Jewelry Repertoire

by Anne Reyes,


After residing in multiple cities and communicating in various languages, artist David Guez has seen the world through a kaleidoscopic lens—appreciating every colorful facet in its natural beauty. Having created a visual language through his gestural abstraction, Guez possesses a penchant for making a mark with his work to bring forth an unforgettable statement. In a pursuit to further explore and convey through design, he now translates this expression into jewelry—developing Heaven-Roc, a sophisticated line of luxury that links romanticism and the classic to create chic wearable pieces for the modern times.

With a fusion of fashion and architecture—Guez’s two primary sources of inspiration—the brand’s scintillating assemblage combines brilliant diamonds with natural gemstones and prides itself on expert craftsmanship with handcrafted metallics, specially handpicked and ethically-sourced. The meticulous brushwork mastered by Guez in his art isn’t lost—wonderfully resonant in each construction and just every bit as interesting as its artful roots. 

Original and imaginative, Heaven-Roc is sure to be the contemporary sartorialist’s go-to for the best place to buy handcrafted semi-precious gemstone jewelry with its aim to be an intrinsic part of your personal aesthetic featuring whimsical yet sophisticated treasures. The brand’s ethos is driven by a perfect harmony of elegance and fun individualism, presenting an arsenal of impeccable metals that span from subtle, chromatic bijoux to vibrant and striking jewels for those who prefer a more dazzling approach. No matter your avenue or the season, this cutting-edge label embraces every independent spirit, ready to elevate any look exquisitely. 

Just like the essence of Guez’s creativity, Heaven-Roc is dynamic and grand. And with every piece you bring home is a fragment of the artist’s ardent genius as a creator, along with the ease of the timeless New York splendor. Pick your armor and get ready to make your mark.  

The Allure Of Vintage Glam


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The Dolce Vita collection represents a substantial part of New York’s appeal - the grandeur of old Hollywood. It speaks for the glitz and glam that flourished throughout the 20th century with stars and socialites gracing the scene. Each has swanky styles like icons Nan Kempner, Diana Vreeland, Lauren Bacall, and Jackie Kennedy. Inspired by this vintage pizzaz, Dolce Vita is all about the allure of the classic featuring gems in delicate geometric cuts surrounded by glimmering stones, each in their own unique design. 

If you’re on a hunt for where to buy designer engagement rings or high quality fine jewelry, get acquainted with the collection to find your perfect shiny companion. 

The Elizabeth 


Handcrafted Semi-precious Gemstone Jewelry


Nothing says opulence like a ring surrounded by a double halo of sparkling diamonds. The Elizabeth ring is the epitome of  18k gold luxury jewelry made of white gold and features an oversized emerald-cut blue topaz. This piece is reminiscent of crystal oceans and impeccable halcyon skies. Along with its extravagant New York essence, this fuses a dash of British style that truly makes it fit for royalty and sits atop our list for show-stopping diamond engagement rings. For the women who like to keep it traditional, this is the one that’s sure to get you all the compliments. 

The Charlotte


18 KT Gold Luxury Jewelry


Boasting a marquise-cut Amethyst, The Charlotte Ring is the embodiment of dainty and feminine. Handpicked and precisely handcrafted, the amethyst is enclosed by two white topaz stones sculpted into half moons, further emphasizing the gemstone’s true hue and size. This piece is perfect for those looking for wedding-worthy fine jewelry rings that bridge the gap between vintage and modernity. 

The Eva


Unique Engagement Rings


A stunning yellow citrine takes center stage for The Eva Ring in an outstanding cushion-cut featuring 18k white and yellow gold with diamonds surrounding the band. Just as it is luxurious and timeless, it’s fashioned for the modern times as both the standout in a bevy of unique engagement rings or as a part of any outfit. It’s grand enough to highlight a look and versatile enough to act as a finishing touch to match with anything. The street style girls of New York will surely agree.

The Sophia


Handcrafted Semi-Precious Gemstone


For shine seen from space, The Sophia Ring is the spotlight stealer. It flaunts an exquisitely handcrafted cushion-cut green quartz set in a double layer of emerald-hued Tsavorites and lustrous diamonds that extend to the band. It’s a ring that we can truly consider a masterpiece. Much like the illimitable glamor of silver screen star Sophia Loren, this is a treasure that will endure seasons and eras. 

A magnificent marriage of French and New York styles


Gemstone And Diamond Jewelry


Akin to the tropical allure of the plush destination that it’s named after, the Riviera collection blends the charm of the French with the artfulness and edge of New York’s melting pot. Its resplendent style is expressive of creator David Guez’s affinity for whimsicality materialized into dazzling streams of gemstones and diamonds in all their prismatic glory. 

For lavish but wearable fine jewelry rings online, explore the vivid variety of the Riviera collection. 



The Ocean Ring


Remindful of the soft blues and viridian tones of the Mediterranean, the Ocean ring is a glimmering piece of paradise featuring blue sapphire, tsavorites, lime quartz and blue topaz paired with radiant diamonds. Whether you’re going to formal events or casually heading out, it’s an incredible addition to any get-up.



Diamond Engagement Rings


Hues of pink and purple bedeck this fun and flirty rock on a rose gold base. It features a combination of pink and yellow sapphire, amethyst, and rose quartz with round brilliant diamonds. Without a doubt, the Dreams Ring will be the standout that adds a hint of playfulness to your jewelry range.



The Forest Ring


Like the serenity of spring amongst lush forests, emerald and light green stones meet a river of gemstones in orange sapphire, tsavorites, green sapphire, milky quartz and peridot with a white gold base and facets of red and orange. The verdant tints on the Forest ring are easy on the eyes and perfect to pair with cool-toned ensembles. 



The 18KT Rose Gold Sunset Ring


Characteristic of a luxe summer getaway, the 18k rose gold Sunset ring embodies warmth and splendor with its multitude of fiery hues of amber and orange courtesy of orange sapphire, orange moon stone, and citrine. These semi-precious stones are abridged by a cluster of diamonds, adding freshness to the intensity of the gemstones. Wear it with a minimalist look and it’s guaranteed to be the focal point. 

Like the essence of Guez’s creativity, Heaven-Roc is dynamic and grand. Not only will it be your updated go-to for casual luxury needs but also the newest and best online engagement ring store for those special moments. And with every piece you bring home is a fragment of the artist’s ardent genius as a creator, along with the ease of the timeless New York splendor.





Discover the Collection



Discover the Collection