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The 5 W’s on How to Buy Fine Jewelry

by Anne Reyes,


Fine jewelry can add a touch of opulence to the ordinary. More than a fashion piece, wearing jewelry is a statement - a choice that goes beyond preference or style trend. It gives you a confidence boost like no other, allowing you to feel like the best version of yourself in life’s most precious moments.

But how do you pick the perfect jewelry? The selection of such a luxurious purchase requires consideration of various aspects, including the type and quality of jewelry, who it is for, and the best time and place to buy them.

Why Do You Need A Purchase Guide?


Why Do You Need A Purchase Guide?

Most people often believe one can spot quality jewelry at first glance. This is often never the case with gems, as they can sometimes go through enhancements that significantly affect their value (while inexperienced buyers are none the wiser). You can buy a fabulous engagement ring yet still have little clue about gemstones.

Many also believe that simply buying jewelry from the well-known emporiums will give them the highest-quality stones at the best prices. Even if you have money to burn, it still pays to get the most out of your hard-earned buck. Plus, knowing a little bit more about fine jewelry makes the purchase far more meaningful.

Who Is the Jewelry For?


Who Is the Jewelry For?

Buying fine jewelry is usually a grand gesture of affection for a significant other. Men are generally charged with this seemingly daunting task when they are ready to profess their love to their prospective lifelong partner.

However, fine jewelry is no longer limited to gift-giving, courtship, or engagements. With more people acquiring a larger spending power, men and women do not need to wait for an act of love and can simply buy jewelry for themselves.

Whether you are in the market for jewelry for yourself or someone you care about, you need to consider the following: 

  • The wearer’s taste and personality. Big rings and chunky bracelets and necklaces, or delicate stud earrings and thin bands? Look at what they usually wear so you can purchase according to their taste and preference.
  • The wearer’s lifestyle. How little or often they will be wearing the jewelry dictates what piece you can buy. Do they lead an active lifestyle? Do they mainly use their hands for work, such as artists and doctors? Is the jewelry a signature statement or an everyday piece?
  • The history of jewelry. Age and provenance add value to the piece, especially as it relates to fashion and culture. It even makes the purchase special when you know the story behind it.

What Kind of Jewelry Are You Buying? 


What Kind of Jewelry Are You Buying?

Now that you know who you are buying the jewelry for, it is easier to narrow down what kind of jewelry piece would be best.


These are an absolute must for any woman. Earrings come in a variety of types, sizes, and prices available. It is best to consider their style and weight, compatibility with complexion and wardrobe, and long term or short term functionality. 

  • Studs - classic, easy to wear and goes with almost any outfit
  • Hoops - often a feminine or statement piece
  • Drops - these elegant pieces dangle below their setting, swaying with your every movement


A necklace is a long and usually light piece of jewelry worn around the neck. The chain or length is often made of precious metal or gems and may at times come in pendant styles that feature a single stone or other ornament suspended from the chain.


A shorter piece than the necklace and worn at one’s wrists, this is one piece that is easily seen. Best donned when one’s hands are free; bracelets need to be durable as they have a tendency to be frequently bumped.


Often a lifetime investment, these thin bands that go on one’s finger are made with precious metal and often adorned with stones. Much thought is required when making this purchase, such as size, design, shape, quality, etc.

A Few Tips from Jewelry Designers


  • Anissa Kermiche on Pearls. These go well with any style and can be worn from morning to evening. They are the symbol of timeless elegance and, by far, one of the most classic expressions of femininity and refinement.
  • Anita Ko & Melissa Kaye on Diamonds. Purchasing these require attention to connection, sparkle, and flaws that pull you in as you think about their versatility and longevity. Also, make sure you buy from a reputable jeweler and confirm the diamond's certification before buying.
  • Brooke Gregson on Opals. They are known for their high water content and thus need to be worn regularly (except during highly active affairs such as sports or other activities that could cause bruising or impact). Look out for cracks in the setting before you purchase them; if you see any small dry cracks within them, do not buy them.
  • Jenny Klatt and Stephanie Wynne Lalin of Jemma Wynne on Colored Stones. Set your eyes on stones that have a rich color, tone, brilliance, sparkle, and shape. Choose a piece that you will wear proudly, one that matches your style and emotions.
  • Carolina Bucci on Charms. Carry pieces that have meaning for you and add to your story. When it comes to selecting the charms, trust your instincts; don’t second guess yourself.

Where Are the Best Places to Buy Jewelry?


Where Are the Best Places to Buy Jewelry?


You’re lucky if you are blessed to be acquainted with a trusted source, such as a jewelry expert or a well-trained friend who can help you search for the best authentic items at fair prices. Knowing the best jewelry store to buy engagement rings and other pieces of jewelry can save you time and money. You would be surprised that these can be found in small boutique shops, private dealers, as well as auctions and estate sales. 

Fine Jewelry Rings Online

But some can be acquired over the web, too. If you are specifically looking for the best jewelry store to buy engagement rings or a piece you want for yourself, look up Heaven-Roc. We are a New York-based store that boasts a timeless collection of wearable luxury.  

This is the sign you have been waiting for to treat yourself or a loved one to some fine 18 KT gold jewelry of unparalleled craftsmanship. Come see the stunning beauties in our Dolce Vita and Riviera collections.

When You Are Still In Doubt... 


When You Are Still In Doubt

Purchasing fine jewelry is certainly an exquisite choice that requires much thought and planning. When shopping for one, you need to ensure it is authentic and of the highest quality. Talk to an expert who can best help you find the piece that suits your needs and budget. They can tell you the pros and cons of each piece or stone down to the soldering techniques that affect a gem’s value and longevity.

All in all, the jewelry you buy should always be a reflection of you. It is one that will grant you satisfaction and confidence with every wear. Whether it follows a trend or not, fine jewelry is a beautiful investment you make on yourself that will last you in the years to come.





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