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The Ultimate Engagement Ring Guide

by Anne Reyes,
Engagement Ring


If there’s one thing in the world we all hope to find, it’s love that lasts a lifetime. After all, having someone who’ll stand by your side—for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, global pandemic or no global pandemic—is one of life’s most special gifts. 


Are you planning to pop the question to your significant other soon? Before you go down on one knee, here are 4 engagement ring trends you need to know about so you can get the right engagement ring for your bride-to-be.


4 Engagement Ring Trends for 2021


Whether or not you’ll be celebrating your union with a hundred people or 10, it’s important that you give the symbol of your love and commitment (i.e. your engagement ring) the proper thought it deserves. After all, your soon-to-be fiance will be wearing their engagement ring on their finger for the rest of their lives. Choosing the right ring that suits their taste and personality will show them that you care about immortalizing what will be one of the most memorable moments of your lives.


Engagement Ring Trends for 2021


Let’s take a look into the most popular engagement rings for 2021:


1. Classic Rings for the Elegant Bride


The world may change, but the classics are here to stay. Many brides and grooms this year have gravitated towards the more traditional cuts to express their unchanging love in an ever changing world. Here are some of the most treasured classic rings for your timeless and elegant relationship:


Solitaire Setting

The solitaire setting features a single, beautiful diamond set in a simple band. This versatile style can showcase any stone shape (e.g. round, square, etc.) and maximize its brilliance by elevating the diamond and allowing significant light to pass through it. This style is perfect for the elegant beauty who likes to keep it simple yet luxurious.


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Cushion Cut

As its name suggests, the cushion-cut diamond looks like a soft square pillow with rounded corners. The softness of the cushion-cut ring lends a romance to its appearance, which makes it a favorite among many bride (and groom) to-be’s. If your significant other has a romantic nature, this cut will capture their heart.


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Cathedral Setting

One of the most elegant settings, the cathedral imitates the form of a church’s graceful arches, soaring towards the sun. In a ring, the sun is the diamond or precious stone set high from the rest of the shank to make the stone appear larger. The cathedral is definitely an eye-catching design for those who want to announce their love to the world for all to see.


2.  A Modern Twist for the Contemporary Fiance


If the love of your life is more fashion-forward than traditional, chances are they might want more bling in their rings. Here are three suggestions for engagement rings settings that scream “Look at me!”:


Pavé Setting

Pronounced “pa-vay,” this word in French literally means “to pave.” In jewelry language, it means a setting paved with diamonds or precious stones. Also known as the bead setting, this type or ring holds a lot of sparkle and shine.


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Halo Setting

As its name suggests, the halo setting refers to an outline of smaller diamonds or gemstones around a larger stone. This extravagant setting not only emphasizes the brilliance of the center stone, but also adds bling to the overall ring. Halo rings come in different shapes and sizes, from oval to cushion, to more vintage-looking geometries.


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Three-Stone Rings

A versatile setting, the three-stone ring signifies the coming together of a couple’s past, present, and future. The nice thing about this style is that other gemstones can be used to flank the main diamond at the center, giving it a more modern vibe.


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3. Simple Band Rings for the No-Nonsense Sweetheart


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Another trend that has been on the rise are band rings. In many European countries, couples give each other eternity bands instead of engagement rings. It seems that in 2021, many affianced couples are following suit. Because band rings are more low maintenance, it’s perfect for couples with an active lifestyle.


Here are some trending settings for eternity rings:


Bezel Setting

The Bezel setting is perfect for an eternity ring since it uses a flat metal rim, instead of prongs, to hold the stones. This minimizes the possibility of the stones popping out. If your fiance has an active lifestyle, this is a ring they can wear from the gym to cocktail hour. 


Flush setting

Similar to the bezel, the flush setting, also known as the “gypsy setting” is a simple style wherein the diamond or precious stones are drilled right into the band of the ring. Because the stones are protected by the band itself, this style is durable and perfect for men’s wedding bands or brides with active lifestyles. 


Prong setting

A style wherein the precious stones are set on tiny metal “claws,” the prong setting is a fun style to emphasize different kinds of stones with different sizes. 


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4. Vintage and Handcrafted Rings for Your One True Love


Finally, the biggest trends of the year are vintage and handcrafted rings. Couples today like adding personal touches to their rings, even opting to refurbish old heirloom rings or creating new ones on their own. Many couples have also chosen to use other precious stones like emerald, sapphires, and rubies instead of the typical diamond.


Handcrafted Luxury Jewelry


If you want to pick the ring that will tell the story of your love, Heaven-Roc’s handcrafted rings might be your perfect match. Every stone in our collection is handpicked, and each ring is crafted with the utmost care it deserves. Heaven-Roc combines ethically-sourced diamonds with natural gemstones to create striking and unique designs suitable for both the traditional and the modern couples. 


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