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Unique Engagement Rings Ideas for Your One and Only

by Anne Reyes,

Weddings are a glorious and (often) a once-in-a-lifetime moment, mainly symbolic to the bride and groom who share it.

Despite what most couples believe, they do not need to be bound by tradition concerning their ceremonial union. They are free to choose how to celebrate it and may even opt for unique engagement rings.


Why Go For Non-Traditional Ring Styles

It is easy to spot a traditional ring from a mile away. Often featuring round cut, princess cut, or cushion cut diamond styles, these classic designs are what couples usually pick out (the groom, mostly) when it comes to engagement rings. They are a safe choice.


However, no two relationships are alike. In the words of F. Scott Fitzgerald, “There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice.” It is certainly okay and welcome to veer from convention and opt for a style that genuinely resembles your extraordinary bond or one that you are sure your beloved will like. You would be surprised how more and more luxury engagement rings brands encourage personalization.


One can define a non-traditional engagement ring by its eye-catching feature, typically a colored gemstone or an extra intricate setting. You can see today’s most popular 18 KT gold luxury jewelry are floral rings, vintage designs, or those with precious rocks on the side, mostly custom made to suit their preference.


A little research into these non-traditional styles will give you a better idea of which ring setting you and your partner will indeed fall in love with. Here is a brief overview of these designs:

  • Split shank rings

    • Diverging into two parts that stem from the center stone, this setting works well with almost every diamond shape. It is a couple’s favorite for its modern flair and more open design.


  • Two-tone designs

    • Perfect for those who prefer noticeable and edgy styles, this setting’s characteristic trait is two colors of precious metal (often yellow gold and white gold) that offer character and depth to the ring. 

  • Floral motifs 

    • Lauded for its delicate beauty and design, this setting would accurately complement the flower or nature lover of your life. 

  • Baguette settings

    • Featuring a contemporary and extra sparkly look, you can style your 18 KT gold luxury jewelry into a baguette, with the option to choose from halo to three-stone designs.

  • Vintage or antique settings 

    • Here is an unconventional engagement ring that holds the charm of history without looking traditional. Lovers of antique and art deco style will surely be captivated by its ornate design.

  • Rings with gemstone side stones

    • If you wish to go all out and design a one-of-a-kind ring, this setting is just the breathtaking statement piece you are looking for. Adding colored gemstones to the band and choosing a precious rock as a center stone will mark the ring entirely yours.

So, you are set and ready to make plans for a romantic proposal. But before you head off to buy the engagement ring, it is just as crucial to know your lovely sweetheart’s ring size. The last thing you need to ruin your gallant gesture is a ring that is too large or too small for your partner.


How To Secretly Determine Ring Size

If you need a little help with this stealth mission, this short guide will provide you with several options on how to be sneaky and subtle in finding out  your beloved’s ring size.


  1. 1. Opt for the safe size.

  2. The average-sized woman in the U.S. stands at around 5-feet 4-inches tall. If your lady love is the same, their usual ring size ranges between a size 5 and a 7. You may need to go up or down a size as necessary, depending on their height and weight.

  1. 2. Go large now, resize later.

  2. Better yet, if the ring design is simple enough, you can go with a larger ring size as it is easier to size down than it is to size up. There is also an option of wearing a ring guard, which goes right inside the band to keep it from falling off until they are ready to get it resized.

  1. 3. Play pretend.

  2. Make a scenario where you tell your significant other that you are buying a ring for your mom/sister/aunt/niece (or even yourself) and take them shopping to one of your prospective luxury engagement rings brands. Just make sure that this person has similar hands as your partner to prevent them from suspecting you. 

  1. 4. Find an ally in their friends or family.

  2. The special people in your partner’s life would likely be more than willing to help you out. If they are unaware of the size, they can always be the ones to ask them nonchalantly. 

  1. 5. Use their other jewelry.

  2. If your beloved wears rings, you can simply grab or borrow them to take to the jeweler. Should you find this risky, another tactic is to take their ring and trace it on a piece of paper, drawing a circle on the inside and outside the ring.

One of the Best Luxury Engagement Rings Brands To Go To

Those who do not have the time or skill to design their unique engagement ring need not fret. You can still have an 18 KT gold luxury jewelry to die for by going to reputable brands that specialize in selling timeless, wearable luxury collections.

We are Heaven-Roc, a New York-based jewelry label and proud craftsmen of unparalleled handpicked and handcrafted diamonds and gemstones. All our stylish non-traditional rings are guaranteed to delight you and your partner with their undeniable glamour and charm. Just take a look at the stunning beauties in our Dolce Vita and Riviera collections to see for yourself.

We have a dedicated team of jewelry experts online who can readily answer any questions you may have with purchasing an engagement ring. Just shoot us a message!





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