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Which Metal is Right for Your Skin Tone?

by Anne Reyes,


Imagine this. You’re at your favorite jewelry store and are on the hunt for that perfect diamond engagement ring. After scouring the entire store and all its endless and beautiful options, you’ve finally found the one - that flawless marquise cut diamond you’ve always dreamed of owning. Its size, color, and weight are just perfect in every way. And now that it’s within your grasp, you’re faced with one last option. What colored precious metal should you set it on? 


Should you go for the 18K yellow gold or a stunning platinum band? What about a 14K rose gold? It’s just as beautiful and precious as the others. 


When it comes to metal colors, there are many factors to take into account. But probably the single most important aspect to consider is this: what tone would look best on you? 


Like you, many people have also pondered upon this age-old question. What metal color is suitable for your skin tone? To answer this question, we must first get back to the basics.


Identifying skin tones: warm, cool, and neutral 

So, what exactly is skin tone? First things first: skin tone is not the same thing as skin color (or what others sometimes refer to as overtone).  Skin tone is all about the delicate undertones that occur naturally in a person’s skin, regardless of skin color. It is the natural hue and tints present and constant in your skin despite the various environments it is exposed to.




There are three basic types of skin tone: warm, cool, and neutral.



Warm skin tones are usually more yellow and golden in hue. This is mainly due to the prevalent presence of the skin pigment known as carotene. It gives the skin a warmer glow. 



In contrast, a pigment called hemoglobin is more dominant in the skin with cooler tones. This gives the skin more of a pink and red glow. 



Neutral skin tones, on the other hand, are somewhere in between the two. They generally possess equal amounts of both pigmentations, thus giving the skin properties present in both. 


So, why is this relevant to one’s choice of metal color? It’s relevant mainly because these various undertones that the skin innately possesses will either clash with or be complemented by the different colored metals that you will have right next to your beautiful skin.



What skin tone do I have?

Now that you have a basic understanding of skin tone, the next step is to determine what your skin tone is. There are several ways to do this, so let us share with you a couple of techniques that can help:



1. The color of your veins

Using natural light, examine the veins present in the underside of your arm and wrist. If the color of your veins is somewhat green in hue, you most probably have a warmer skin tone. 


On the flip side, if you see that the color of your veins is blue or purple, your skin tone is likely to be on the cooler side. 


If you find that your veins are a mix of green, blue, and purple, chances are your skin tone is neutral.


2. How you tan

Another means of determining your skin tone is through the way your skin reacts to the sun. Observe your skin when it is exposed to it for a prolonged period of time. If you find that you tend to tan easily but do not easily burn, your skin tone is more probably warm.


On the other hand, if you find that your skin is easily burned and turns a pinkish-red color when exposed to the sun, your skin tone is more likely to be cool. 


If your skin’s reaction is somewhere in between, then your skin tone most probably falls under the neutral category.


Which skin tone goes with which colored metal?

Now for the ultimate question: after determining which skin tone you have, how do we figure out which colored metal best suits your personal skin color?





Warm = Yellow or Copper

As a general rule, when it comes to people with warmer skin tones, the best types of precious metal that complement them are yellow gold and copper. Metals that have earth tones such as bronze and iron also look visually appealing on warm skin tones. 


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Cool = White Metals

Most jewelry specialists and professionals generally agree that white metals fit those people who have cooler skin tones. These include, but are not limited to, titanium, silver, white gold, and platinum.


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Neutral = Anything Goes!

Those who have neutral skin tones are among the lucky ones. The nature of their skin makes it very versatile. They can wear virtually any kind of metal available, and can even play around and experiment with jewelry with mixed metals.


Any kind of skin tone can be paired with rose gold. You can never go wrong with choosing it for your jewelry.


Personal Style Matters Most




Now that you know these guidelines, it is imperative to note that they are all just that—guidelines. There really are no hard and fast rules when it comes to metal colors and skin tones. What matters most is your personal taste.


At the end of the day, it is the inimitable uniqueness of your personal style and taste that will ultimately set you apart. Choose the jewelry pieces that you love. Choose the metal that resonates with you the most and makes you feel strong, beautiful, and confident, no matter what color it is.


Remember, the jewelry pieces you wear are not the main attraction. You are. All these valuable jewels and precious metals are only meant to highlight and bring out the undeniable beauty that already exists within you. So you do you. 


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