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Why women should buy their own jewelry, plus jewelry pieces fit for International Women’s Day

by Anne Reyes,
Why You Should Start Buying Your Jewelry

Gender norms never did anyone any good. They often impose outdated rules that serve to dictate an expected behavior among men and women. Abiding by them for so long has done a lot of harm to all adults today.

For many years, there has been an unspoken tradition that men should be the ones to give jewelry to the special women in their lives. While we can all agree that it is a sweet and romantic gesture, it has set off an impression that ladies should wait to be gifted with such luxury. If you are one of them, we will tell you now that this does not need to be the case.

Times have changed and are continuing to change. Women today have come a long way in forging a gender-equal world, challenging the status quo between sexes. We believe it is as good a time as any to celebrate yourself, your femininity, and accomplishments with jewelry fit for International Women’s Day

Women Are Taking Charge


From across the globe, more and more women are taking it upon themselves to lavish themselves on luxury and all things opulent without having to wait for their partners (or future significant other) to buy it for them.

Given their increased and equal work opportunities, women have more spending power and are more financially independent than previous generations. They have established their voice and are taking hold of the reins in their life choices. A typical family household tells us as much.

Surveys suggest that fewer than 10% of American families live in single-income households. Furthermore, over 90% of the shopping decisions in the United States are made by women. This power holds for European homes and even not so far off in Asian markets.

The role shift in household expenses is mainly because women, given their higher disposable income, are more comfortable and willing to spend their paychecks on the family’s product purchases.


Women and Luxury Jewelry


Whereas there was some embarrassment in the past about buying your jewelry, thinking people will judge as not having your partner or a significant other who can buy you one, this is primarily no longer the case.

There is certainly nothing like rewarding yourself as you please. In the famous pop sensation lyrics of Ariana Grande, “I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it.” And financially independent women are rallying behind these words by making purchases that serve as a testament to their autonomy and achievements. What better way to do that than buying jewelry?

Precious stones and metals are often regarded as a symbol of love and commitment. Usually, being given such luxury often means that the gifter holds its receiver in the highest regard. However, more women are using those symbols as an expression of love and commitment to themselves.

In 2016, diamond sales rose to US$80 billion. While the United States has always been the world’s biggest diamond consumer, statistics show that one-third of that figure were self-purchases made by mostly younger women. Women’s self-purchase of diamond jewelry has grown from 23% to nearly 40% of the total market in the same year. These numbers are continuing to increase.

Are these purchases only symbolic as an International Women’s Day jewelry gift?

As with a particular brand campaign, "Left hand is we. Right hand is me. Women of the world, raise your right hand." The reasons behind women’s luxury purchases are many and are entirely up to the person.

Some make the leap to celebrate personal milestones such as turning 30, getting promoted, or as most women over 45 would say, it is a “just because” kind of treat. For others, though, it is an investment. They often go for unusual designs, vintage 19th-century jewels, or exclusive designer jewelry as either a one-off piece to add to a collection, an asset to add to a portfolio, or an heirloom to gift a daughter one day, perhaps.

Beyond buying, many women also enjoy getting involved with the design process from start to finish, making the jewelry more significant as they discover themselves and what they want. These strong and confident females just have a better sense of what they want in their accessories. Exploring the size, shape, cut, and everything in between in their luxury piece allows for a creative expression of their individuality.

If you are looking to get yourself jewelry fit for International Women’s Day, we say just go for it. Some women prefer making their own luxury purchases because they know what looks good on them. Honestly, could you trust your partner or anyone else to dictate your style?

As we are sure you will agree with, fashion accessories like jewelry serve to improve your appearance and esteem. Those seeking to keep abreast of the latest trends, or those wanting to change their look can definitely benefit from a great International Women’s Day jewelry gift.

Jewelry Fit For International Women’s Day

If you are looking to find the perfect jewelry fit for International Women’s Day, we are happy to say your search is finally over. Beautiful, timeless, and affordable luxury is right here.

We are Heaven-Roc, a New York-based jewelry label and proud craftsmen of unparalleled handpicked and handcrafted luxury jewelry. We boast of several rings of varying make and design that are sure to delight you with their undeniable glamour and charm no matter your style and preference. Best yet, all of our diamonds are ethically sourced as social responsibility is one of our core values.

A look at the stunning beauties in our Dolce Vita and Riviera collections will have you spending considerable time just deciding what you want to get first. Each purchase is also exquisitely packaged in a keepsake mandarin box with a pretty satin bow, making for a good jewelry box if you do not have one yet.

Should you have questions pre or post-purchase, we have a dedicated team of jewelry experts online who can readily answer any concerns. So do not hesitate to send us a message!





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