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Our vision

Elegant and affordable jewelry:

Heaven-Roc was born out of a dream to make glamorous jewelry affordable.

By combining brilliant diamonds with natural gemstones, we set about creating a collection of wearable luxury, each design striking and unique. Heaven-Roc arose from the idea of crafting premium, sophisticated jewelry that pushes the boundaries of conventionality.

In every stone, in every shape, and in every color, we endeavour to create rings for the modern woman who goes against the grain. Elegant, sophisticated and exuding subtle glamor, Heaven-Roc’s collection of rings are luxurious yet highly wearable.

Unparalleled craftsmanship is at the essence of our jewelry

Luxury and handcrafted:

Heaven-Roc rings are made with love by our expert craftsmen, who work to create modern yet timeless designs, that accentuate the beauty of the diamonds and gemstones used. Boasting unparalleled craftsmanship, each diamond and gemstone is handpicked and handcrafted. For our team, jewelry is more than just jewelry – it is a celebration of what matters most: love, connection, and individuality. Our vision is for women to express their true selves when wearing our pieces. Whether you’re choosing a ring for everyday wear, or to mark the most special occasions in your life – we’re sure to have something for you.

At Heaven-Roc, we commit ourselves to creating rings of the highest quality, that feel both luxurious and timeless. By blending quality craftsmanship, intentional design, and an infusion of the artist’s soul in every piece, we aspire to create avant-garde rings that inspire women to be their authentic selves.

When it comes to crafting our rings, we work with the most skilled jewelers, and use the highest quality, enduring materials. Our artisans love nothing more than to push for excellence in every piece that they create. Each diamond and gemstone is handpicked and chosen with care – not only to enhance the beauty of the ring, but also to reveal the artist’s vision of individuality.

Delicately wrapped in our signature mandarin orange box and finished with a satin bow, our rings are sure to surprise and delight.

Our jewels are kind

Ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones:

Here at Heaven-Roc, we believe that for jewelry to be truly beautiful, it has to be socially conscious. That’s why all of our diamonds and gemstones are ethically sourced, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our stones are sourced from non-conflict areas, and do not harm the planet nor the people who make them – from our workers to our artisans.

As jewelry is so closely linked to our emotions, we want to feel good about the pieces we wear. We’re committed to responsible diamond and gemstone sourcing because we believe that when jewelry is ethically made and socially aware it holds even more value, beyond the physical ring itself.

A ring for everyone

Classic styles with a modern twist:

Throughout our collections we have created pieces that complement and reflect feelings, desires and dreamscapes. In our Riviera collection, we created extravagant rings with rivers of diamonds and multicolored stones running through them – for the woman who wants to break free from anything that inhibits her.

In the Dolce Vita collection, we explore the idea of the understated woman – the woman who desires elegance, yet still wants to set herself apart from the crowd. This selection of more sculptural rings embodies a more classic style, in vivid colors that reflect the vitality of the modern woman.

Our collections are carefully designed and curated so that we only make the finest jewelry for you. We understand that rings are more than just the stones and metals that they’re made of – they symbolise all that we love and yearn for in the world. Our promise is to make each and every one of our rings with the utmost care, because we believe that a ring made with love, is a ring enjoyed with love.

Whether you want a glamorous piece featuring a breathtaking stone, or a more understated, bejewelled band- you’re sure to find a perfect match in our selection.

Online Jewelry Shopping at its finest:

Quality, convenient and safe:

Online shopping has become the way of the world, now more than ever. Heaven-Roc takes the uncertainty out of online jewelry shopping with our handcrafted diamond and gemstone rings, set in 18 kt white, yellow or rose gold. Our quality jewelry is elegant, affordable and convenient!





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Discover the Collection